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Prof. Tzvetan Jelyazkov

Professor Tzvetan Jeliazkov

Doctor of the pedagogical sciences, a distinguished bulgarian scientist, one of the pioneers of the sports science in Bulgaria


Tzvetan Jeliazkov is born on 24.12.1930 in Raianovtzi near Vidin in a family of teachers. Graduates with honours the highschool in Belogradchik - 1948, and then the Higher Institute of Physical CultureIPC in 1953 again with honours.

In the period 1953-1967 works as a basketball coach in the system of VUZ and with the Bulgarian National Team (women). The teams leaded by professor Jeliazkov won four championships : Akademik (women) - 1957,1960,1966; Akademik (men) 1963. With the national team (women) - European title, 1958, two second places in the World championship, 1959 and on the European championship, 1960, as golden medals on the "Universiada",1961. He was chosen as "Coach of the year" in 1961 and was honoured with the title "Honoured basketball coach".

  1. From 1967 he is basketball chief assist. in HIPC. In 1970 he was made associate professor.
  2. In 1973 he was chief of the "Scientific basis of sports training" department.
  3. From 1976 to 1979 was Dean of _SDK_ in HIPC.
  4. In 1978 defended a doctors disertation on the subject of "Methodological basis of leading and optimizing of the sports training of highly qualified sportsmen".
  5. From 1981 he is a "Theory and methods of sports training" professor in HIPC and NSA "Vassil Levski"
  6. From 1983 to 1987 is a member of the "Philosophical, pedagogical and sociological sciences" committee of _VAK_.

In the period of 1964 till the Olympic games in Atlanta 1996 Tzvetan Jeliazkov was permanently connected with the building and managing the system of the Olympic training of Bulgarian sportsmen as:

  1. chief metodist /1964, 1972/;
  2. director of the "Center for scientific and practice activity in sports" /1981-1992/;
  3. vice president of BSFS /1982-1991/;
  4. vice president of the "National committee of physical education and sports" in _MS_ /1995-1997/.

The scientific research, practical and pedagogical activity of Tz. Jeliazkov is discussed in more than 160 scientific works, including 22 monographies, manuals, textbook etc. One can find in these works discussions of theoretical, methodological and technical problems of the sports training, the application of mathematical and statistsics methods for control and optimization of the training process of elite sportsmen. Many of them, including four monographies are translated in English, French, Spanish, Serbian and other foreign languages.

Professor Jeliazkov has represented our country at the World Scientific Cogresses for physical education and sports under the aegis of UNESCO in Moscow,Russia 1973; Tbilisi, Georgia 1980; Eugene, USA 1984; Colorado-Springs, USA 1987; Seul 1982; Barcelona 1992; Dubrovnik, 1997; Patoa 2001; Moscow 2003 as well as other scientific symposiums where he has read over 50 scientific reports.

As an expert and a lecturer he has participated in nomerous international courses and seminars for a qualification of sport-pedagogics cadres. He heas read lectures on "Theory and methods of sports training" in the Olympic Academy in Mexico, the Sports Academy in Belgrade, the kinesitherapy faculty in the Zagreb university.

  1. Since 1983 he is a member of the Scientific research committee of CIEPS - UNESCO
  2. Since 1998 Jeliazkov is a member of the International Association - Sport Kinetics
  3. In 2001 he is chosen a member of the scientific board of the American Biographical Institute.
  4. He is also member of the college of the scientific journals "Kineziologija", Zagreb; "Facta Universitatis", Nish; "Sports and Science", Sofia.

As a public figure and leader in the field of sports Tz. Jeliazkov was:

  1. vice president of SFD "Akademik"-SF;
  2. vice president of BF "Basketball";
  3. vice president of CS of BSFS;
  4. member of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee etc.

For his various works in different field Tzvetan Jeliazkov was awarded many times by bulgarian and international institutions:

  1. Honourable sign of Sofia Ist class - 1980; 
  2. People`s order of labour /gold/ 1972, 1988; 
  3. Order of Kiril and Metodi IInd class, 1980;
  4. Order 1300 years Bulgaria, 1981;
  5. Gold medal for special merit from BSFS, 1983;
  6. Honourable activist and deserved coach.

In 2004 Tzvetan Jeliazkov was nominated and chosen by the International research Board of the American Buigraphical institute for "Man of the year 2004" for his "global achievements and contributions to society".

Currently he is reading lectures in NSA on "Theory and methods of sports training" to students, masters, doctors and SDK course students. He is a member of SNS on "Theory and methods of sports training /incl. Curative physical exercises/'. He is fluid in French, Russian and Serbian.

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