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Meetings and rights

Article 17.
(1) The elections for the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson of the General Assembly and for the Chairperson and members of the Control Council are held by the Election Committee elected by the General Assembly.
(2) A nominee is considered elected, when over fifty percent of the General Assembly members, registered as present, vote for him/her. When the members of collective bodies are elected they are placed in the order of the number of votes they receive.
(3) If none of the nominees for a one-member body is elected on the terms stated in the aforesaid paragraph, a second vote is taken at the same session of the General Assembly for the two nominees who have received the greatest number at the first vote. If the number of votes for more than two nominees is equal, all these nominees shall be nominated for the second vote. The nominee who receives the greater number of votes is elected or, at equal number of votes, the person of longer length of service at the Academy.


Article 16
 (1) The General Assembly:
1. elects Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson;
2. elects the Rector, the members of the Academic Council, the Chairperson and the members of the Control Council;
3. adopts and changes the Academy Structure and Activities Regulations;
4. approves of projects for the development of the Academy;
5. accepts the annual report of the Rector on the current state of affairs of the Academy;
6. accepts the annual report on the Control Council activities;
7. solves other problems on the motion of:
a) the Rector;
b) the Academic Council;
c) the members of the General Assembly.

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