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Assistant doctor Dimitar Zagorski, Ph.D.

Faculty of Pedagogy
Deapartment of Anatomy and Biomechanics
Stud. grad: +359 2 4014 233

At the Department of "Anatomy and Biomechanics" at NSA "Vasil Levski" Sofia from May, 2010.

The training of specialists in sports, physical education, kinesitherapy, tourism, and sports animation, and adapted physical activity at the bachelor's level in the field of Functional and Age Anatomy of the human body. Medical support for competitions and camps related to the university's sports activities.

Teaching and medical activities

  1. Educational and qualification degree "Master" in the specialty "Medicine" October 2007, Medical University-Sofia
  2. Educational and scientific degree "Doctor" in the field of:
  3. Healthcare and Sport; 7.6. Sport, Scientific Specialty: TFMVST (Methodology of therapeutic physical culture) Register No. 311 Diploma No. 000311 Issued on 16.10.2018.
  4. Chief Assistant at the 43 Faculty "Pedagogy" with NKPD code 231 07003 from May 2020.
  5. Lecturer at the Sofia City Council of the BRC-Sofia since 2010.
  6. Preparation and delivery of lectures on safe and adequate provision of first aid at traffic accidents for driving license candidates; first aid courses in the workplace for employees.

Medical activities

  • Internist Doctor CSMP-Sofia 2009-2010.
  • Providing emergency medical care to sick and injured persons at home, at the scene of the accident, and during transportation to hospitalization.

Professional skills

Effective presentation of arrays of new information to students, professionals, and trainees in selected professional fields: Functional anatomy, Water rescue, and provision of First Aid and Medical Assistance for paramedics;


  • Participation in a cardiology circle of Assoc. Prof. Tarnovska from the IV Cardiology Clinic at "Aleksandrovska" Hospital
  • Master Business Class "Pharmacy and Healthcare" 11-12.2006
  • Certificate for completed course "Trainer in First Aid for Paramedics"
  • No. 3150/316 from 02.03.2011 PUC Lozen PK1151
  • Certificate for completed course "First medical aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in water and other life-threatening incidents" NUC-BRC Sozopol, 02-06.06.2012
  • Certificate for qualification training course in First Aid No. 192 from 06.04.2015