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Prof. Rumjana Tasheva, Ph.D.

Faculty of Public Health, Health Care and Tourism
Deapartment of TM of the Kinesiotherapy
TM of the kinesitherapy
Gurgulyat: +359 2 4014 414 / room 414

Education and career

Assoc. Prof. Rumiana Tasheva, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Physical Therapy at the National Sports Academy (NSA) Vasil Levski.

Founder and Chairperson of the Bulgarian Organization of Sports Physiotherapy.

The core group member and a researcher in the European Sports Physiotherapy For All project, Leonardo DaVinchi Program by which have been developed and approved international competencies of sports physiotherapists. Manager of fifth other research projects.

Author of several textbooks:

-         Physiotherapy in knee injuries and diseases;

-         Actual aspects in ergotherapy;

-         Physiotherapy in hip injuries and diseases;

-          and of the Physiotherapy chapters Physiotherapy in Hip Arthroplasty and Hip Surgery.

PhD thesis in the area of Sports Physiotherapy with the subject Physiotherapy after Arthroscopic Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Over 60 publications in the field of physiotherapy and 70 participation in national and international congresses and conferences.

Educated in 27 courses with national and international lecturers.

Clinical experience in orthopedic, traumatology and neurological diseases.