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Master's degree program "SPORT AND SECURITY"

Master Program "Sports and Security"


Qualification degree: Master

Higher education: 7.0 Health and Sport

Professional Field: 7.6. Sports

Specialty: Master in "Sports and Security"

Form of training: Regular - Part-time

Duration of the training: One year / 1,5 years adaptive /



Training in the specialty "Sports" combat-applied physical training and sport in MI and BA at NSA"Vassil Levski" is carried out in two degrees - Bachelor's Degree, eight semesters and Master's Degree, two semesters. The purpose of the training in the two programs is to prepare broad-profile and highly qualified specialists in the organization, conduct and management of the specialized training on the one hand of MI and BA personnel and on the other on civilians with a desire to be realized in the security services. The learning process is carried out while respecting the requirements for: a balance between theory and practice, interdisciplinary and broad-based training, stronger links with security and defense institutions.

A significant part of the employees of these structures and their relatives have completed the National Sports Academy /Bachelor's degree/. They need to increase their scientific and professional qualifications. This can be accomplished through the study of the specialized Master's program "Sports and Security".

After completing the Master of Sports and Security program, students acquire knowledge of:

- the essence of global, regional, national, corporate and personal security;

- organization and management of company security and security activities;

- cyber-security: nature, threats and protection from cyber-attacks;

- the importance, role and place of combat-applied sports for the formation of readiness for protection and security;

- sports training in the security and defense institutions in the country and their interrelation with the individual subsystems of physical education and sport;

- the importance, organization and management of combat-applied sports in the security and defense institutions;

- Formation of readiness for the fulfillment of the professional tasks in the process of the training and sports-competition activity in the field of applied sports;

Professional Conversion of the students:

Graduates of the Master's program "Sport and Security" have the opportunity to realize themselves in the security and defense institutions /Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Bulgarian Army, National Security Service, Security Business, Corporate Security, in municipalities, secondary schools and universities as methodologists, managers, researchers and managers of combat-applied sports training.

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