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Master's degree program PHYSIOTHERAPY



The Physiotherapy Master's degree program is intended only for those who have graduated at the bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy.


Organization of the study

The form of study is full-time and lasts for two semesters.

The specializations are 5 Physiotherapy in Orthopedics and Traumatology, Physiotherapy in Neurology and Psychiatry, Physiotherapy in Cardiology and Pneumology, Physiotherapy in Geriatrics, Physiotherapy in Pediatrics. The students choose 1 of these specializations and study it within 21 ECTS, with an equal number of theoretical and practical classes.

The course of the study includes the following modules: 9 obligatory modules ( 35 ECTS); elective modules (10 ECTS) from 20 possible subjects (52 credits) and optional modules (9 ECTS) from 6 possible subjects. One module is 30 academic hours, including 15 hours of auditory work and 15 hours of self-study. The total academic workload with graduation is 1800 academic hours, of which 900 hours of auditory work, 900 hours of individual preparation for 15 exams and 500 hours of preparation for a diploma thesis or state exam for which 15 ECTS are assigned. The Masters degree study begins at the beginning of November and ends in October next year.


Conducting of the study program

The teaching is led by 19 highly qualified lecturers, including 5 professors of pedagogical and medical sciences and 14 associate professors. The specialized training in physiotherapy is carried out by the two specialized departments "Theory and Methodology of the Physiotherapy " and " Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation", consisting of 12 academic and 10 non-academic lecturers, with Ph.D. and specialty hysiotherapy.



The graduation in the "Physiotherapy" Master's program is done with the defense of a diploma thesis, according to the chosen specialization or state exam. Successfully-qualified graduated students receive a diploma at NSA "Vassil Levski" for the Master's degree in Physiotherapy, with specialization in the clinical field, which have institutional and program accreditation.


Opportunities for the professional realization

The students who have graduated at the Masters degree of the Professional Qualification "Physiotherapy" have the opportunity to become qualified as physiotherapist-masters as managers and executives or representatives in expert committees in the following fields: health institutions (hospitals, outpatients settings, etc.), rehabilitation centers, fitness centers, SPA centers, special schools, professional health centers, sports clubs, educational and sports centers, educational institutions, scientific centers and others.

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