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Rowing, canoe/kayak and water skis

Leader - Chief assistant Ph.D. Nikola Gospodarski

Teachers- Assoc. prof. Daniela Oronova, Ph.D., Assoc. prof. Vesela Treneva, Ph.D., Chief assistant Dimitar Ivanov, Chief assistant Nikola Gospodarski, Ph.D.


Rowing, Canoeing and Water Ski Department

Brief History

The students from all departments of the High Physical Education have been taking courses in rowing and canoeing since its creation. Since 1969 they have the opportunity to study Water Ski as well.
Sports of rowing and canoeing have been included together as subject in the Institute’s Programme since 1956 and in 1969 Water Ski has joined them as well. The students use to study the Theory and Methodology of Rowing, Canoeing and Water ski four terms and graduated as Coaches in those sports as a second qualification.
After the Coaches department foundation in 1973 each of the sports has differentiated as an independent subject. The syllabus has been extended including methodological practice. The students graduate as Coaches in Rowing or Canoeing. Water ski was created as an independent subject in 1995.

Professors and lecturers

  1. · Vasil Boianov - the founder and originator of the Rowing, Canoeing and Water ski Department. He is the author of the first Bulgarian textbook for rowing; he has prepared more then 100 successful coaches in rowing, canoeing and water ski. He worked as assistant professor in the department until 1992
  2. · Todor Tonev – assistant professor in canoeing from 1972 to 2001
  3. · Angel Haralampiev - assistant professor in rowing from 1959 to 1991
  4. · Georgi Markov - assistant professor in canoeing from 1964 to 2004
  5. · Meglena Tosheva - assistant professor in rowing and Water ski from 1971 and at present
  6. · Magdalena Grushkova – assistant professor in Water ski from 1974 to 1976
  7. · Rumian Hristov – associated professor from 1993 and the chef of the department at present
  8. · Daniela Oronova - assistant professor in rowing from 2001and at present
  9. · Nikola Gospodarski - assistant professor in rowing from 2003 and at present