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Aquatic sports

Department leader - Assoc. prof. Jordan Donev, Ph.D.

Teachers- Full Prof. Bistra Dimitrova, D.Sc.; Full Prof. Nikolaj Izov, Ph.D.; Full Prof. Pencho Geshev, Ph.D.; Full Prof. Rumjan Hristov, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. , Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Daniela Oronova, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Hristo Konstantinov, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Jordan Donev, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Rumen Iossifov, Ph.D.; Assoc. prof. Stojan Andonov, Ph.D.; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Chief assistant ; Chief assistant ; Chief assistant , Ph.D.; Chief assistant ; Chief assistant , Ph.D.

Short historical notes

The aquatic sports are disciplines with recognised prestige and traditions in NSA. They were included in the structure and the first program of the Higher school for physical education, established with Law in 1941. In 1950 the aquatic sports are part of the mixed department Aquatic sport, winter sport, machine sport, cycling, aeromodelism and gliding and in 1979 they are separated in an independent department.

Educative work

Students from the Teachers and Coaches faculties of NSA are trained in the Aquatic sports department on the subjects: swimming, rowing, yachting, water polo, synchronous swimming, canoe-kayak and water ski. Along with this the department teachers conduct the swimming training in the three faculties of NSA, as well as the Aquatic sports course for all students, who have passed the Ist course of their education.

The teaching process in the seventh specialties of the department aim to form highly qualified specialists for the needs of the sports club in the country, and teachers and instructors for the educational system and sport services.


The curricula include training in history, theory, teaching methods, mastering the techniques, acquiring knowledge and skills for independent pedagogic work in the respective discipline, as well as elaboration of the studied sport subjects.


The department has excellent resources for practical training of the NSA students in the main sea sports swimming, rowing, water ski, yachting, boardsailing, life-guarding and others.


There are several master programs in the department in the specialties: sport for higher sport achievements in swimming, yachting, synchronous swimming, diving; sport animation specialization Animators in tourism (sea); Adapted physical activity and sport.

Research work

The research work of the department serves mainly the teaching process and the sport practice. The departments teachers participate in national and international scientific conferences, symposiums and congresses with research projects together with the Ministry of youth and sport, sport federations and the Ministry of education and science. The research projects are on actual European themes in the areas of the swimming and aquatic sports. The students research work is realized independently or jointly with the departments teachers. The students also participate in national and international scientific forums.

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