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Bulgaria with Bronze Medal after Impressive Performance in Rio Rhythmic Gymnastics

Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics team brought the third medal for our country at the Olympic Games in Rio. After two routines without visible mistakes, Bulgaria was one of two teams that showed stability. The other team was Spain, who shared the same overall score as Bulgaria, but had a better performance portion. This is the first medal for the Bulgarian team of rhythmic gymnastics of Olympics after bronze in Athens 2004.

All gymnasts of the group - Mihaela Maevska, Renetta Kamberova, Hristina Todorova, Tsvetelina Naydenova and Lubomira Kazanova are students at NSA "Vassil Levski" and successfully combine training at the Academy with his brilliant sports career. Kazanova replace our other graduate - Tsvetelina Stoyanova. Their coach Ina Ananieva is a Certified Master of the Academy, Daniela Velcheva is Ch. Assistant Professor in the Department of "Gymnastics" and psychologist of the team is our Deputy Rector Prof. Tatiana Yancheva.

Our Sports Academy is proud with our other srudents at the Olympics – the wrestler Nikolai Bayryakov with his fifth place, which he won in the category up to 85 kg / classic style / and the freshman Tihomir Ivanov, who became the tenth of high jump. With this accomplishment he became the most successful performer in Bulgarian Olympic finals in the high jump for men.

Bulgarian athletes at the Olympics won two other medals - Mirela Demireva won silver in the high jump and Elitsa Iankova - bronze in wrestling.

NSA "Vassil Levski" greets Daniel Alexandrov, Mikhail Ganev, all former and current students of the Academy who participated and reached the finals in the Olympics, representing worthy Bulgarian sports.


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